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Sahjanand Ferro Alloys:

Our manufacturing unit produces Low Carbon / Medium Carbon Ferro Manganese and Low Carbon Ferro Titanium and also Merchant Exporter High Carbon Ferro Alloys & Silico Manganese.

Ferro Alloys:

Manganese Dioxide picture - Sahjanand Manufacture & Exporter of Manganese Dioxide, Manganous Oxide & Ferro Alloys. - Webmaster Hoshedar Patwa

Stainless Steel Steal Casting Welding Rod


Sahjanand Pulverisers:

Our grinding unit produces finest mesh size Manganese Dioxide Powder (MnO2) and Manganous Oxide Powder (MnO).


Manganese Dioxide:

-     MnO2 is range of 80 to 300 in build quality having grade from 65 to 90% used in manufacturing of

Aromatic Chemicals Inorganic Chemicals Organic Chemicals Photographic Chemical
Vet Dyes Dry Battery Cell Colouring Glass Ferro Alloys
Ceramic Match Industries Zinc Metal Pigments
Lamps Electric Insulators Water Treatment Colours Frits


Manganese Oxide:

-  MnO having grade from 54-64%. Widely used in manufacturing of

Poultry Feed Animal Feed Cattle Feed

Pet Food

Colouring of Bricks

Welding Rod

Manganese Sulphate


(Manganese is an essential trace element, which is necessary for cartilage development. Thus, we find it extremely useful as a feed for various animals. As its properties contribute significantly to the ossification process, metabolism process, integrity of cellular membrane, most animal feed use it in traces).

Manganese Sulphate:

Fertilizer Feed Additives Inorganic Sales


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